S.J. Clarkson Deciphers “Madame Web,” a Marvel throwback thriller

S.J. Clarkson

“Did I anticipate it? “Yes and no,” director and co-writer S. J. Clarkson of Madame Web said during our conversation about the Marvel superhero action adventure. “There were some really amazing parts of it that made you think, ‘Wow, I get to work on this big movie set and create all these amazing visual effects.'” After then, it’s kind of like every other set day.”
It may be incredibly terrifying, like a steamroller coming at you, but you just have to get in there and try to battle it, so I think that’s a great healthy balance. It is unstoppable, and veering off course is dangerous.”

The writer-director

refers to the fact that Madame Web has never had her own comic book, in contrast to many other Marvel heroines who have had their own film, as “a travesty and weird.”
I suppose what I liked most about her was how mysterious and off-the-beaten-path she was. That always piques my curiosity. What is directly in front of us is visible, but what is somewhat off to the side? The interest is frequently there.”


Bates Motel, Succession, Jessica Jones and The Defenders on Marvel, and more are among Clarkson’s prior credits. In Madame Web, Dakota Johnson portrays Cassandra “Cassie” Webb, a homeless paramedic from Manhattan who starts having strange visions and memories. Drawn to defend three young ladies “with powerful futures,” she must discover her origins in order to comprehend the reason behind the enemy’s enigmatic pursuit of them.

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